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It is more important than ever to make sure your website is fast, accessible, beautiful and unique if you want to stand out from your competition.


Stand out on the web

A well performing website can help bring new customers by ranking you higher in search as well as making your business look more professional. In 2022 a website needs to be fast, secure, efficient, and user friendly in order to be competitive and see results. If you run a retail business selling online can be a major boost to your revenue. If you are in construction a good amount of your customers look online before making hiring decisions.

A good foundation makes a world of difference

A slow and buggy website could severely impact your bottom line. A good foundation as well as proper security protocols and maintenance can make a world of difference.

Warp Speed

Fast websites done right convert better and cost less in the long run. I am able to get high lightspeed scores because I keep the bloat to a minimum and employ tools and techniques to minimize and optimize the site. I also serve the sites on hosts, like Netlify, AWS, and Kinsta so your site will served from many very fast servers from around the globe.


Security is a big concern. I use HTTPS, SSL, CDNs, firewalls, and a variety of tools to insure your website remains secure. I also use hosts that take this matter seriously. Some sites may benefit from a firewall and others may benefit from a headless CMS.

The Right Tools

Every project has different needs and would be best suited with the tools that project can benefit from. Your website will be built with a development stack that best suits your business needs. An eCommerce site might be better off with Shopify or WooCommerce and a custom theme. Where as a service oriented site like a drywaller would benefit from a static site generator like 11ty or Nuxt.js, a simple CMS, and a contact form.

Easy to use for you, your customers, and robots.

I design beautiful and engaging websites with an emphasis on user experience for both you and your visitors.

User Friendly

A user friendly and intuitive site for both the visitors and the you will save you time and convert more customers. An intuitive easy to use site makes it a breeze for potential customers to checkout or contact you reducing their hesitation.

Responsive and Beautiful

I design beautiful and engaging websites with an emphasis on user experience and responsive design to ensure your sites automatically adjust to fit any device, whether it be a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or an interstellar communication device on your UFO.

SEO and Analytics Friendly

All pages will have the relevant metadata and structure to help Google and others understand what your site and it's pages are all about. I cannot promise that your page will be number 1 in search right away unfortunately, the quality of your product, reviews and content matter more than anything, but I am here to help you along the voyage.

What Do I Charge

Simple pricing for businesses of all sizes.

How much I charge depends on the scale of the project and the traffic the site recieves.

After(or before) you make first contact, think about where you see your business in the future and how technology could help your business be more effcient and automated.

This information will help me find ways that I can help streamline your operations as well help us come up with an estimated size of the website, what you would like from it, and it's relevant integrations. At that point I will provide estimates. I charge an affordable hourly rate for contract overages and require a $2000 down payment, before starting.

Small Business Website Pricing Example

Development & Design $6000 One Time plus Hosting & Updates $100 Per month for

  • 5 Beautiful Fast Responsive Pages
  • Simple Backend for you to edit content
  • All Hosting included
  • Monthly analytic reports
  • 40 hours work + monthly
  • Fast Support
  • Basic SEO Package
  • Relevant Source Code
  • Frequent Security Updates
  • Cancel any time
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