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Analytics show how your site is performing. Track conversions, page views, ad campaigns and much more.

Put Analytic Data to Use

See Results and Adapt

We can calculate your revenue per dollar spent on individual ad services. Over time we can use all of this data to optimize your ad campaigns which will save you money and increase your revenue.

Track Conversions

Did that last customer that bought our RayGun see us on Google or Instagram? Or did they sign up for our mailing list?

Track Visitors

Wanna show Facebook ads to customers who bought something from you 6 months ago? Maybe you wanna send an email saying that they left something in the cart and give the a discount coupon.

A/B Test Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages

Do I get more sales with the first landing page or the second? Is it more profitable to run Facebook Ad A or Google Search Ad B? We can run all sorts of tests together to see what works best and scrap what doesn't.

See Demographic Data

Is the majority of you audience male or female? What do they spend time looking at on the internet? What devices are they browsing with? This info can be used to better serve your customers.

See where traffic is coming from

Are you visitors using Android, IOS, or Windows? Where in there world are the located? What percentage are returning customers? Did they come from social media, search, or did they find you directly?

All the relevant metrics

Every project has different metrics that are relevant to that business. I can setup a custom dashboard for you to see the metrics and statistics that matter to you business. I also can send monthly report analyzing the data and giving advice on how to capitalize on said data.

Other things I do


These are some other services I offer. If there is something else you need done contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Web Development

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