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Your site is worthless if nobody sees it.

for web design customers only

Give Search Engines What they Want

Sites that are fast, have good content, the correct metadata and structure do better in search results. At the moment I only do SEO for Web Design customers because a proper foundation produces better results and I would like to give the best possible service to my existing customers. If you are still curious contact me and we can discuss your needs.


Many aspects of SEO can be controlled through schema markup, correct HTML Tags, sitemaps, and other metadata make it easier for search engines like Google to crawl and understand your site.


Internet speeds have increased significantly, but so has the amount and size of content, images, and videos. Websites by and large have become more bloated while more and more users are using mobile devices to access the internet. A fast website decreases bounce rates and is likely to be ranked higher than a slower counterpart.

Content is king

At the end of the day if nobody is interested in the content on your website you probably are not going to rank well for very long. Original and interesting content will help you in search as well as the most important thing converting visitors into paying customers, and will continue to pay off long after the content was first published.

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