Out of this world websites, business automation, and eCommerce Solutions.

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I'm Dave and this is what I do

My focus is on modern fast, accessible, web design, that is easy to use for everyone. I do front and backend development work using many technologies.

Web Development

What I do different

Why Intergalactic

Here is what makes my services and support special and what you can expect if you choose to work with me.

Personalized Service

At the moment I'm a one man band. This means that every time you need help you will always talk to me. It also enables decisions to be made by looking at the full picture.

Affordable Rates

I try to keep my rates competitive and affordable, while still offering a high quality product. That said I do have bills to pay and can't work for free.

Quality Code

Does your site look good on a variety of devices? Depending on the industry most traffic comes from mobile devices, but there are a growing number of people with very high resolution screens. Every site I make for a client responsiveness is a top priority.


I try to be as honest and transparent about everything as possible. I will not try to up-sell you on a service that I don't think will benefit you. I also do everything possible to stick to time schedules.

Projects I've Recently Completed

Case Studies

Here are some amazing clients that I have built sites and other business tools for. If you'd like to see your business here and see what I can do for your business contact me today.

What I Charge


Every business has different needs and requirements for their website. That said here is what can be expected for a simple, beautiful, functional website.

New Website Launch

Ready to launch your business to the moon. Obviously there is no one size fits all website, because every business has different needs, but here is some of what you can expect.

What's included

  • Custom Website

  • Custom Backend

  • On Page SEO

  • 6 Months of SEO Services

Starting at


Things I get asked often

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you don't see answered here, send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Why is this site so weird and alien?
Besides the fact that I've been told by many that I'm an alien. I made this site to learn and try out some new tools and make some cool ufo animations. This site was made with 11ty, TailwindCSS and GSAP. No your site will not be this animated because it is not a great user experience and slows your site down. But some minimal smooth animations can improve your user experience when done tastefully.
What CMS's do you use?
It depends on what the clients current and future needs are. An eCommerce Site might use Shopify or Wordpress/Woocommerce, and a construction company might be better off with NetlifyCMS, Sanity.io or no CMS at all. Sometimes simple is better.
How much do you charge?
Every site is different so I can't give a one size fits all price, but I charge enough to be able to pay my bills. My prices usually come out lower than an agency, I don't have a reason to pay for advertizing because word of mouth keeps me busy enough. I do my best to keep my costs as low as possible, so I can pass those savings onto clients.
Do you do eCommerce sites?
Of course. I have a very fast Woocommerce template that I have built out using the roots.io stack. I have around 2,000 products on one of the eCommerce sites I have built out, and it performs great up to around 10,000 products.
Do you use page builders like Elementor or Beaverbuilder?
No. Most all of the page builders add unnecessary bloat to your site and slow it down. If you need page builder functionality, I can create something bespoke to fit your needs while keeping the site within styling guidelines.
Do you do graphic design?
Not strictly. I do graphics in Illustator for simple icons, an occasional logo and some animations, but I'm not a graphic designer. If you need that kind of work I maybe able to point you in the right direction though.

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